Thursday, January 6, 2011

Whispering Tongues

While reading the poem Christabel, I found one quote that really stuck out to me. It says, “But Whispering tongues can poison truth,” meaning people turn the truth into a lie by changing the details. Have you ever had a rumor that has been spread about you? Have you ever spread a rumor about someone else? In the Poem, Sir Leoline and Lord Roland de Vaux of Tryermaine used to be best friends until someone spread a lie. Sir Leoline and Lord Roland spoke “words of high distain” that hurt one another very badly. This made them part and never meet again. When Geraldine needs to be returned home to her father, Lord Roland, Sir Leoline puts the past behind him and will do whatever it takes to get Geraldine home safely. In his heart Lord Roland is still his best friend who he would do anything for. Sir Leoline even says to Geraldine, “Thy sire and I will crush the snake!” talking about the men that took Geraldine from home. Lies are what pulled theses two men apart who were both too mad to simply talk to each other about it. Instead, they fought and it took a long time and a big event to bring them back together.
            Being in high school there is non-stop gossip being sent from person to person. We find it amusing to talk about other people in a negative way but when the gossip is about yourself you end up really mad. I am lucky and do not get rumored about but some of the people I know do. It can end up being really hurtful. Friends can end up hating each other after they hear what people are saying just like Sir Leoline and Lord Roland. People pass these poisonous rumors from person to person but no one ever goes straight to the source. We are too scared to confront our own friends about the rumors because they could get mad at you for telling them. People should stop whispering lies at every chance they get. This creates an unnecessary amount of drama. Gossip will always be a part of our everyday lives but we should learn how to move on and forgive like Sir Leoline.

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