Saturday, January 1, 2011

what homework? (a prose poem)

Everyday I walk home, head hung low, like a presentational.  As I walk I think to myself, "what homework do I have today?"  I walk in the door, and I brace for the question. "what homework do you have today?"  I hate to do it but, I sit down at the computer, elephants don't sit down that hard.  Moodle always is slow when your life depends on it.  Look up for one cycle of a ants brain, "Do you need to go to your room to finish?" they ask fast like they were waiting for a sick animal to die.  "NO! sorry."  I just keep typing.  Moodle loads, thank god, I open up turners class.  I look at a month a head nothing to stressful.  I close the computer, "what OTHER homework do you have?  Hmmmm?...."  I don't know, I say "Math."
"What math?"
"I don't know."
"well find out."
I fish through my binders i find some unfinished work.  "Here it is." The paper looks like a map to the holy grail.  It's old, it's wrinkled, and it's on papyrus.  "when was that homework given to you?"  "This morning."  The disappointment on my parents faces grows from 'really?' to 'I don't know what to do anymore.'  I feel as low as low can be.  I stumble to my room and do my homework in silence.  Then I realize that my parents are looking out for me and if I just do my dreaded homework then I will fell better with myself.  I find it funny that life lessons are taught in life.  homework is to sharpen you skills and so are parents.  parents teach kids the basics and homework refines those skills. those skills are work ethic, honesty, and perseverance.  so, what homework do you have to do today?

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