Thursday, January 6, 2011

Freedom to Fall

Lets run to the top, so young and carefree, and roll down with ease.
Again. Again. Again.
Only seeing the vivid blue sky with the puffs and smears of white. Rolling back around to the coolness of green tickling my arms and legs as I pass by. Cycling back to the blueness of sky.
Again. Again. Around. Around.
Giggling and tumbling and flipping about. No sense of direction just freedom of falling.
With no worries, concerns or reference of time.
Just stumble up the hill with all of your friends and roll down. Again. Again. Again.
“I’ll race you to the top! Last one there is a rotten egg!”
Playful banter. The life of a child. So quickly the days of happy-go-lucky moments pass by.
How I miss those days out in the summer sun. The days when my mind was clear and at peace.
No more tumbling and fumbling. My adult life has come.
No time to lay back and look at the sun. Before the sun is up, my day has already begun.
My mind is full of the many things to do. Concern and worry are often there too.
I tried to roll down that hill the other day, to regain the joy of play.
Instead I only felt every lump and bump. Coming to a halt at the bottom with a great big thump.
What used to be the freedom of falling is now the fear of losing control.
My energy of youth has abandoned me.
Racing back to the top is no longer fun as I try to catch my breath in the hot afternoon sun.
The only race that is before me now is to race against the hands of time.
I’m doomed to repeat the patters of everyday. Work. Work. Work.
No time to play.

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