Monday, January 3, 2011

All About Blake (Blogging Community Assignment)

One of the greatest blogs out there in our class- All About Blake, by Lichelle Garcia and Austin Livengood.  I like how this blog is created very well, because it captured my attention immediately and I started to read some of their posts. The gray background with squares on it  makes it appear extremely attractive. Poem that struck me was Love’s Secret by William Blake. Love’s Secret poem makes me think that every person needs to take love seriously and choose their pair very carefully. One tiny mistake or error with love can lead to huge trouble and tears of a person. Saying out loud to your pair how you truly feel can cause you to stay alone because your second pair will leave as it says: “In Blake’s “Love’s Secret”, a man confesses his love for a woman. Although all he did was tell her how he truly felt, she left him. Sometimes love is better left unsaid.” By Lichelle Garcia. This poem made me think more about my personal life, and it’s awesome.  I like how Lichelle explained well about love and what Blake meant when he wrote Love’s Secret poem. This blog is very clear and it’s easy to find where the URL to a poem is, and the poems too. I love how I can indicate every part of the post and find a poem that goes with it, because it is written in different color. The black and white picture of The Lamb & The Tiger shows a lot between innocence and guilt. I can just stare at this picture and find scenes of life in it, and I like how I can easily write a whole article just on this one picture.  Important work on All About Blake blog are poems about love, tiger and lamb, and also sorrow. These are the poems of important information for everyone to learn and know about. Significant life lessons are all written in the three poems:  On Another’s Sorrow, Love’s Secret, and The Lamb & The Tiger. Once a person reads and understands the greatness of poems by William Blake he will become wiser and have an idea on how to act in critical situations that life brings to us. Everyone who reads the posts on this blog will understand more about love and learn how to focus on critical aspects of life.

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