Thursday, January 6, 2011

It Caught My Attention

The blog from my classmates that caught my eye was William Blake and His Poetry by Elizabeth Martinez, Nick Aicher, Taylor Kunz and Matthew Brookshire. The first thing I saw was the fish at the top of the page. I thought they were cute and they swam around. All of a sudden, they start to gather in one spot. Then I moved my mouse and they fallowed. I was immediately entertained so I decided to take a look. I like how their blog doesn't have a distracting background. The bold title helped draw my attention to the titles of the articles. I started to read the last post loaded and it was Elizabeth’s poem. I loved the way she double used some of her words like, “Pretty soon the rain starts to pound fiercely against the glass window tap, tap creating a sharp quickening rhythm that’s all its own.” She created amazing imagery in her poem and really had me interested. It is a wonderful poem that was an interest of mine and was greatly written.
While reading Nick’s post titled Visions and Verses I learned that people saw Blake as insane genius. I never knew that Blake was not a major romantic poet to start with. Blake is always the first poet people think of when talking about the romanticism period. I was shocked when I read, “some people believe that Blake used drugs to help him get his ideas.” This blog gives great information on who the poet is and how he became who he is today.
The bright red text of Taylor’s article The Human Abstract really caught my eye. I tried to read the poem before reading his understanding of it so I could try and create my own. The poem did not make any sense to me until I read his understanding of it. He says, “Our life would just be simple, and useless if we did not know right from wrong,” finding this as a main point that Blake wanted to point out. We create what our world can become.
This blog is very informative on Blake, his poetry and what each student now understands about romanticism. I enjoyed reading their opinions as well as other people’s opinions on  Blake.

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